On Tuesday, May 9th, 7 pm at the Missoula Democrats County Convention, the Central Committee will elect its officers for the next two years. Below are the candidates who have submitted an questionnaire about their candidacy. Click on their names to download their answers. Additional candidates may be nominated the night of the meeting.

May 9th update: Sydney Sweitzer and Dave Severson have withdrawn as candidates for the officers election.

Chairperson                        Vice Chairperson    

Bill Geer                             Roberta Crane     


Treasurer                          Recording Secretary

   Pam Walzer                             Todd Mowbry         


Communications Director

Barb Merrifield


State Committeewoman           State Committeeman 

Jennifer Cady                         Ben Darrow  

            Anita Green                  Klaus von Stutterheim  



Alternate State Committeewoman          Alternate State Commiteeman 

    Jennifer Cady                                  Charley Carpenter

Roberta Crane                                      Ben Darrow


Congressional Committeewoman         Congressional Committeeman 

Jennifer Cady                                Willis Curdy

                                                      Nick Malinak  

David Kendall


Senior Fellow for Health & Fiscal Policy, Third Way. Serious policy wonk, but I love a good laugh. Science aficionado. Proud husband and father.