Conduct Policy



  1. The following policy applies to all officers and members (hereafter referred as “members”) of the MCDCC. It governs conduct during official meetings, events, programs, and any other officially sanctioned public activity (hereafter known as “activity”) by the MCDCC.
  2. Members shall treat all others participating in the activity, be they fellow members, invited guests, or public citizens, with the respect inherent to the ideals of the Democratic Party. Accordingly, personal attacks, unchecked overtalking, and other disruptive behavior will not be tolerated and may subject the offending person(s) to potential removal from the activity. Repeat offenders run the risk of censure and/or being regarded in a generally unfavorable manner.
  3. Personal attacks notwithstanding, members are encouraged and expected to engage in good-faith efforts to discuss and debate policy, actions, and statements relevant to the issues at hand, including those made by MCDCC members. We don’t all have to pull in the exact same direction but we must pull toward the same horizon if we’re ever going to get where we need to go.
  4. Protocols and decorum to be observed at official committee meetings will follow Robert’s Rules of Order. Personal attacks and disruptive behavior will be regulated by the chair and/or official parliamentarian.
  5. While we recognize the bedrock right of members to express themselves freely outside of MCDCC activities, we encourage all members to exercise discretion when writing, speaking, or posting online about MCDCC or its members, policies, and endorsements.

Adopted 1/11/22