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Join our Central Committee Business Meetings generally held the 2nd Tuesday of every month! The Zoom link for meeting registration shared here:

Our August meeting has been moved to Tuesday, August 17th. 

The agenda of the meeting will comprise nominations for the now-vacant SD 50. I will be following up tomorrow or Thursday with a framework for the nominating meeting replicating similar meetings this group has previously held for Senate seats, House seats, and County Commission seats.
The meeting will be held on Zoom and livestreamed to Facebook, and the link will be posted Monday before the meeting.




Applicant for Senate District 50 Vacancy
2021 Questionnaire

 We are asking you to complete this questionnaire to highlight your views and approach to serving in the State Senate.  Questionnaires along with a cover letter and resume should be returned to LouAnn Hansen at [email protected] with Shibu Arens at [email protected] cc’d no later than the Friday (8/13/18) before the Missoula County Democratic Central Committee meeting on Tuesday August 17, 2021. You’ll receive the precinct committee member contact list upon return of application materials. You are invited to attend the August 17th meeting where a forum will be held with you and other interested applicants. Thank you for your willingness to serve!


Political Party

Democrat ___ Republican ___ Independent ___ Other Party ___ Prefer not to say ___

Contact Information


City and Zip Code:



Do you reside in Missoula County?   Yes       No 

For approximately how long?    __ years

Are you planning to run for this seat in 2022?  Yes     No      Unsure


1) What are the two most important Montana Legislative issues for you?


2) What proposals do you have that would help Montana’s system of higher education best prepare our young people for the challenges of a future workplace where the need for specific job skills will be hard to predict? 

3) Montana is facing a housing crisis that is making it nearly impossible for first-time homebuyers to purchase a house and difficult for seniors to stay in their homes. What can the legislature do to address this issue?

4) Voting rights have been endangered in many states. What could you do as a legislator to help ensure that Montanan’s ability to cast a ballot is protected? 

5) With climate change deniers currently holding the majority in the Montana legislature, what other arguments can you make for legislation that would encourage and facilitate renewable energy production? What arguments would you make to counter the efforts of the power companies to eviscerate net metering?

6) Affordable healthcare is under assault by the Republican Party.  What more can you and the legislature do to improve access to quality, affordable healthcare for all Montanans?

7) In the last few legislative sessions, Democrats have been the minority party. Despite our numbers we have frequently accomplished important goals and passed critical bills. Which of your tools and skills would you use to get Democratic priorities passed into law? 

8) Can you provide an example where you worked with Republicans/conservatives to accomplish an important goal in line with the values of the Montana Democratic Party?

9) What role have you played to support the Democratic Party and elect other Democrats to office?



When: August 18th from 6PM to 8PM

Where: Imagine Nations Brewing in Missoula

Tickets: https://act.myngp.com/Forms/1538705654486666752

The Montana Democrats are coming to Missoula, and we would like to meet you as well! Come to the "Brew Bench" Mixer to socialize, meet fellow Democrats, and hear about some of the critical work the party is doing. The Montana Democratic Party Chair, Robyn Driscoll, will be there along with other party leaders from across the state.

We will be providing complimentary drinks from Imagine Nations Brewing for attendees and look forward to seeing you there soon. If you have any questions, would like to RSVP, would like to be a sponsor, or if you have any financial difficulties with attending, reach out to Ethan Smith at [email protected]

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Inclusivity and teamwork drive our success.  We welcome, value and support people of all backgrounds, ages, and identities.  Although we may disagree, our disagreements are no excuse for disrespectful behavior.  We find strength in diversity.  We depend on each other.  We constantly strive to be an ethical, productive, and positive organization.

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