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The next meeting of the Missoula Democratic Party will be on Tuesday, March 13 at 7 pm at the Missoula City Council chambers at 140 W. Pine St. The meeting is open to the public. It will feature a forum with Democratic candidates who are running in primaries for state legislative seats. More details coming soon!



On Tuesday, March 13, the Missoula Democratic Party will select three people to serve as nominees for Montana House District 89. The Missoula County Commissioners will appoint one of the nominees to fill the vacancy created by the selection of Representative Nate McConnell to fill the vacancy in Senate District 48. That vacancy was created when Cynthia Wolken resigned in order to serve as Deputy Director of the Montana Department of Corrections.

Anyone interested in being selected as one of the three nominees should download and fill out this questionnaire and submit it along with a cover letter and resume to the Missoula Democrats recording secretary, Todd Mowbry at secretary@missoulademocrats.org by March 9th.

The qualifications for this House seat are:

  • 18 years or older and U.S. citizen.
  • Montana resident for at least one year before being elected.
  • Missoula Country resident for at least six months before being elected.


The March 13th Missoula Democratic Central Committee meeting will start at 7 pm at the Missoula City Council chambers. If you have any questions, please contact Dave Kendall, Chairperson, Missoula Democrats at chair@missoulademocrats.org or 543-2265.

"This new website is right in time. Now more people will join progressive efforts." -Pat Williams, House of Representatives 1979 to 1997