Central Committee

The Missoula Democratic Central Committee is the governing body for Missoula Democrats. It consists of a woman and man who represent each of the 52 election precincts in Missoula County. If you are interesting in serving on the central committee please contact: chair@missoulademocrats.org.

 Precinct  Committeewoman  Committeeman
 Bonner 89    
 Bonner 92  Cassie Hemphill  
 C.S. Porter 98  Robin Kendall  Nick Davis
 Chief Charlo 90  Marilyn Ryan  Beau Yamasaki
 Clinton 89  Susan Mace  
 Clinton 92    
 Cold Springs 89  Diane Sands  
 Cold Springs 99  Barbara Berens  Timothy Lovely
 E Missoula 92   Mary Borchard  
 Evaro 94  Ada Reap  
 Franklin 100 N  Katie Carlson  Larry Evans
 Franklin 100 S  Calleen Collver-Holm  Edward Childers
 Frenchtown 14 N    
 Frenchtown 14 S  Kim Nelson  
 Frenchtown 94    Jim McLean
 Frenchtown 96    
 Hawthorne 95    Tyler Gernant
 Hawthorne 98 N  Erin Doherty  
 Hawthorne 98 S  Dustin Hoon  
 Hellgate 94  Anita Green  Charles Carpenter
 Hellgate 95  Rachel Lopez  Ben Darrow
 Hellgate 96 E  Kim Dudik  William Swaney
 Hellgate 96 W    
 Hellgate 97  Jeanne Bowe  
 Lewis & Clark 89    
 Lewis & Clark 90 E  Sue Orr  Dustin Monroe
 Lewis & Clark 90 W   Danielle Breck  Tom Breck
 Library 91  Marina Costanzo  Bryce Bennett
 Lolo 89    Steve Wells
 Lolo 97  Theresa Martinosky  Bill Geer
 Lowell 94  Jennifer Cady  Nate McConnell
 Lowell 95  Pam Walzer  James Fleischmann
 Meadow Hill 99  Gail Verlanic  Todd Mowbray
 Paxson 89  Colleen Nicholson  Stan Nicholson
 Petty Creek 97    
 Potomac 92   Marti Crago  Jerry O'Connell
 Rattlesnake 91 E  Linda Gillison  Pete Talbot
 Rattlesnake 91 W  Nancy Volle  Dave Kendall
 Russell 90    
 Russell 99 N  Wilena Old Person  LeShawn George
 Russell 99 S  Mary Boschert-Brannin  
 Seeley 92  Klaus von Stutterheim  Addrien Marx
 Senior Citizens 91   Ellie Hill Smith  Tyler Smith
 Senior Citizens 95  Emily Bentley  Blake Bentley
 Spring Meadows 94    
 Spring Meadows 96    
 St Joseph 100 E  Nicole Vanek  Thomas Facey
 St Joseph 100 W  Stacy Rye  Paul Bowles
 Swan 92  Jennifer Rohrer  
 Target Range 97  Stacy Hunt  Willis Curdy
 Target Range 98  Amanda Reese  Steve McArthur
 UC 89  Canyon Hohenstein