What is GROW?

It is a Missoula County Democrats group, led by our amazing Volunteer Coordinator Mary DeNevi and with a stellar team of dedicated volunteers are GROWing our democratic party base in Missoula County. The focus of GROW is simple - to get to know neighbors, one precinct at a time. GROW stands for Grass Roots Organizers and Workers. It is merely a way, through neighborhood socializing and neighbor to neighbor contact, to Get Out The Vote in November. Our model had to adapt due to the pandemic, from person to person socials to phone banking. GROW volunteers made over 1500 calls and texts to neighbors - during the covid - to check up on neighbors, to see if they needed anything, to remind folks about the 211 number as a local one stop local information source, and to discuss the upcoming election and how they can be involved. 

It is organized by precinct/neighborhood volunteers to recruit neighbors to join the effort. 

Interested in becoming part of this team? Go to Volunteer section of this website and click on "Yes, I want to join GROW". Ta Da! You will hear from us! Soon - our GROW volunteer list will be handed over to the coordinated campaign and will be called upon by that team of Campaign Staffers.



Karen Wickersham


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