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How to Vote in the Primary Election

🚨June 2 Primary Fact Sheet🚨
On April 2, 2020, the Missoula County Commission approved a resolution allowing Missoula County to conduct the June 2, 2020 Primary Election via the mail. The all-mail primary will allow Missoula County voters to vote and have their votes counted while protecting voters, election workers and others from the spread of COVID-19.
Important Dates
• May 8 – Primary ballots go in the mail.
• May 26 – Regular registration closes. Until 5 p.m., voters may register or update an existing registration via the mail.
• May 27 – Late registration opens. New registrants or voters who want to change an existing registration must do so in person at the Elections Center. Late registration closes at noon on Monday, June 1.
• June 2 – Election Day. Same-day registration will be available, with special considerations (see below). Ballots are due by 8 p.m. Postmarks are not sufficient.
 Primary Election Procedures
Montana primaries are “open,” meaning voters get ballots for all eligible parties, but they may only vote one.
• Voters should vote and return just one party’s ballot.
• Voters do not declare a party affiliation when they register, so the decision of which ballot to complete belongs solely to the voter. If a voter votes on more than one ballot, none of the votes are counted.
• Voters should place the voted envelope in the secrecy envelope, place the secrecy envelope in the large envelope, sign the large envelope and return it, either in person or via the mail. Unvoted ballots may be destroyed. There is no need to return them.
Return postage is paid.
“I Voted” stickers will be included with the primary ballots.
 Same-Day Registration
In 2016 and 2018, hundreds of Missoula County voters opted to register and vote at the Elections Center on Election Day. On June 2, same-day registration will be available, but Social Distancing protocols will be in place.
• Elections Office staff members will be able to serve a limited number of voters at one time.
• There will be limitations on the number of voters allowed in the Elections Center at one time.
 Links/Contact Information
• Missoula County Elections Office: 258-4751 or
• State of Montana page to check registration and address:

🇺🇸 Volunteer to make calls to get out the vote -

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What Do Democrats Believe?

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Honestly, Missoula Deserves Better

Fellow Missoulians,

As the news of the attack mailers in the City Council Election spread across social media and through the newspapers, many in our community were shocked at the negative tactics aimed at influencing our local elections. The Helena based bulk mailers had a carbon-copy format, misspelled names, and unedited dummy text. We know the treasurer is from Helena but as the Missoulian reported, there is no visibility of the founder nor the directors of the organization behind these negative deceptive mailers. It is very concerning that a group of wealthy business owners felt it necessary to attack respectable members of our community with a deliberate distortion of facts.

As Democrats, we stand for facts and for a fair contest of ideas and values. Our endorsed candidates share a very different vision than “Team Liberty”. Policy debates are healthy. Our country has had enough of lies and distortion, we are calling this out here and now. This race is about the Missoula we are proud to live, work, and raise our families in. As Democrats, we want to elect candidates who aren’t afraid to show up at neighborhood forums fully prepared and unafraid to discuss and debate the tough issues facing Missoula.

The Missoula County Democrats are invested in assuring our city continue a progressive path. This includes addressing the increasing cost of housing, supporting a culturally rich living environment, making sure Missoula continues to lead the state in job growth, and conserving our surroundings to hold on to our Montana way of life. We Democrats have worked hard to support our endorsed candidates in this election to fight the unprecedented big money organization, disinformation, and attempt to disrupt the good work of our city council. We have held public learning sessions so citizens can learn more about how City Council financing works. Our endorsed candidates show up with their homework done and are focused on helping Missoulians from all walks of life. Their seats and votes can never be bought.

The Missoula County Democrats renounce the deceptive tactics in the poorly edited mailers. We support and endorse the constructive message and positive campaigns of our endorsed candidates. If you are interested in helping elect candidates who share Missoula’s values and have been endorsed by the Missoula Central Labor Council, Montana Conservation Voters and the Missoula County Democrats, please contact [email protected] to sign up to knock doors with us on our last days of action, and don’t forget to turn in your ballot for our outstanding candidates: Heidi West, Amber Sherrill, Mirtha Beccera, Gwen Jones, Alex Fregerio, or Nick Shontz!

Karen Wickersham
Chair, Missoula County Democrats

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Share Your Voting Pride with *NEW* Shirts for Summer!

Missoula County Democrats are excited about getting everyone involved and now we have a shirt to reinforce the fundamentals! Order your own Register | Volunteer | Vote! shirt today. All funds raised through sales of these shirts will help our volunteer-driven organization work locally to elect Democrats and further Democratic ideals.

Click the white or black text shirts to select and buy your shirts today!


Click here to purchase your Black Text shirts!



Click here to purchase your White text shirts!


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July E-Board Meeting

The July E Board meeting has changed to:
✅ Tuesday, July 23rd, 5:30-7:30 pm
✅ Fire Station #4, 3011 Latimer Street

Approval of meeting minutes
Old Business
New Business

Please note that is a changed date and location.

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Protect our Water! ACT NOW to support Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act

📢We need your voice to support Senator Jon Tester's Stewardship Act! 

Jon Tester is re-introducing the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act, that has been in the works for over 10 years. This bill is the culmination of years of effort, bringing disparate groups together to protect the Blackfoot Watershed. The Blackfoot Watershed is the last complete ecosystem in the United States and this valuable resource is in DANGER!

Senator Tester's Blackfoot Clearwater Bill will protect crucial landscape from development, expand the Bob Marshall Wilderness, plus additional protections and stewardship detailed in the MWA blog linked below.

Senator Tester believes the time is right, and that the bill has an excellent chance of passing, particularly because Sen. Daines is up for re-election next year, and 73% of Montanans support the BCSP.

It is crucial that we contact our representatives, especially if you live in rural or conservative districts! Please share this with your networks, community, and friends. 

Write emails, letters, engage on their Facebook, or call: 

Sen. Steve Daines 

Call: (202) 224-2651   


Facebook page


Rep. Greg Gianforte 

Call: (202) 225-3211 


Facebook page 

☎️ Contact your Representative TODAY and tell them that you support the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act!☎️

Learn more about the Blackfoot Clearwater Stewardship Act with this blog from Montana Wilderness Association.


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June Updates & Actions with Missoula County Democrats

☀️Summer has arrived in Montana! ☀️

The Missoula County Democrats have a number of events, volunteer opportunities, and updates to help you get engaged, involved, and connected this summer. 

News & Updates 📢

  • Democrats filled the Courthouse Room twice in the last month with such positive energy, first for our County Convention and next for the County Commissioner Forum.
  • Our “Stop the Bans” rally May 21st on the steps of the County Courthouse was a success. It was well attended, with great speakers including Kim Dudik, Tom Winter and Nancy Keenan. A statement of support was written for our event by Senator Tester and read by Deborah Frandsen.
  • We gathered signatures for a Missoula City Resolution to support Women’s Healthcare Rights.  Stacie Anderson carried our petition to the Mayor and City Council.
  • We elected a new executive board. 8 of the 14 members are either new to the board or new to their offices on the board. A big transition!

Upcoming Events 📆

  • Tuesday 6/11 at 6:00pm: We are hosting an event at Imagine Nation Brewing to hear from Monica Lindeen, the State Executive Director of the Democratic Party. Please join us to meet Monica, learn how you can help Montana Democrats win, and mingle with like-minded friends. 
  • 6/26 and 6/27: Democratic Presidential Debate Watch Party. 7:00 pm each night at Paradise Falls, 3621 Brooks Street
  • Trivia night – Wednesday 6/19 7:00 - 8:30, Union Club (Make sure to follow Missoula County Democrats on Facebook for updates).
  • Sunday July 21st 4:00 to 7:00 Our annual picnic at Silver Park Pavilion. This is a great opportunity to meet elected officials & candidates from the Democratic party, connect with volunteer opportunities, and enjoy some time outside with friends! 
  • The City Council Candidate Forum will be Tuesday July 9th at 7:00 pm at the Courthouse. We will be hosting the candidate forum much like we did for the county commissioner race. The difference being the outcome will be a Missoula County Democrat’s public endorsement rather than the selection of candidates. This is a great chance to become involved and informed in the City’s leadership.
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Action Items on Climate Change

Since we recently passed the resolution to act decisively on climate change, and in the wake of our most recent program on climate change, we will be sharing out opportunities to act.  There are several things in the hopper this month that I think deserve our attention!


Missoula Climate Change Vulnerability Assessment

This week, the Missoula City-County & Climate Smart Missoula will be holding a listening session for comments and feedback for the climate change vulnerability assessment.  The listening session will be held Tuesday, May 16, noon- 1:30 in the County Courthouse, Sophie Moiese Room - enter off Pine, main floor, first door on right.  Can't make it? No problem, you can provide feedback in other ways.  This link provides the draft climate vulnerability assessment and explains ways to provide input:


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Green New Economy Resolution

On March 12, the Missoula County Democrats voted to adopt one of the most progressive platforms in the state. Our country democratic committee called for universal, single payer health care as a right for all citizens, a living wage, campaign finance reform and accepted several Montana-specific facets of the Green New Deal.

The platform change did not happen overnight. Since the beginning of the year, a group of folks from Missoula and around the state formed an organic collective effort and asked the Missoula Democrats to adopt these changes. The Missoula County Democrats listened and stepped up to the challenge because we are progressive and we are leading the change we all seek. We are proud to announce an action plan that includes opportunities for all to get involved. Please join us in making change - remember each one of us can make a change, together we make a difference. Watch this space for ways to get involved.


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Take Action for Missing & Murdered Indigenuous Woman & Girls

On Tuesday, February 12, 2019, the Missoula Democrats hosted a program about a feature length documentary called, "When They Were Here," regarding the Missing and Murdered Indigenous Women and Girls (MMIWG) crisis. The producers, Ivan and Ivy MacDonald, are Blackfeet and Shoshone filmmakers enrolled in the Blackfeet tribe. They have spent over a year documenting this crisis. The documentary shares many personal stories about families affected, including how Ivan and Ivy's "cousin, 7-year-old Monica Still Smoking, was found frozen on a mountain on the Blackfeet Reservation in 1979." Reporter Patrick Reilly from the Missoulian ran a story about the evening.

American Indians are 2.5 times more likely to be victims of violent crimes—and at least twice as likely to be raped or sexually assaulted—compared to all other races. It is time to take action!

Here are three actions you can take to help:

  1. Contribute to the completion of the documentary at 
  2. Support MMIWG legislation in the Montana state legislature. Specifically, Hanna's Act, HB 21 and a related bill HB 54, which would improve law enforcement action on missing persons. Contact your state legislators by calling (406) 444-4800 or sending an online message
  3. Support MMIWG legislation in Congress. Click here for some background information from Sen. Tester's office.
    • Sen. Tester: (406) 728-3003 or online
    • Sen. Daines: (406) 549-8198 or online
    • Rep. Gianforte (406) 502-1435 or online

Senator Tester is supporting the reintroduction of Savanna’s Act (S.227), which would improve information sharing between tribal, state, and federal law enforcement agencies and tracking crimes against Native Americans. He is also supporting the reintroduction of the SURVIVE Act (S. 211), which would provide critical funding to Indian victims of crime. He has also introduced his own bill to direct the Government Accountability Office to study current federal agency response protocols for missing Indigenous people and recommend solutions to address this crisis.

Thank you to Roberta Crane for organizing the program, Karen Wickersham for publicizing the event, and many other Missoula Democrats who lent a hand. For more information, please email us at [email protected].


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