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Bylaw amendments-County Convention

At the Missoula Democrats' County Convention on Tuesday, May 9th the Missoula Democratic Central Committee will consider several bylaw changes. These changes expand participation on the Executive Committee (AKA the Eboard) by adding new officers and letting partner organizations designate a representative. it also changes to process for scheduling programs and eliminates secret ballots.


Click here for a summary of bylaw amendments

Click here for a complete version of bylaw changes

Click here for a copy of the current bylaws


If you have any questions about the changes, please contact Charley Carpenter at

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Candidates—Missoula Dems Officers

On Tuesday, May 9th, 7 pm at the Missoula Democrats County Convention, the Central Committee will elect its officers for the next two years. Below are the candidates who have submitted an questionnaire about their candidacy. Click on their names to download their answers. Additional candidates may be nominated the night of the meeting.

May 9th update: Sydney Sweitzer and Dave Severson have withdrawn as candidates for the officers election.

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Welcome to the new website for Missoula Democrats

Welcome to the new website for Missoula Democrats!logo-MCD_FullColorLogo_copy.jpg

We're happy to offer updated content from the previous website, plus new tools that will give us more ways to organize.

It was a group effort to build this website. Precinct Commiteewomen for Target Range 97, Stacy Hunt and her colleagues Tim Gunderson and Megan Emjsh provided great support upfront and solved several technical problems.

Danny and Bracha Tanenbaum who are brand new to the Missoula Dems, stepped up and got the website over the finish line using their wealth of experience with web design.

Bob Jaffe with Cedar Mountain Software, which hosted the previous website, has donated his time and resources over many years. He made the transition the new website seamless.

Thank you all!

Please let us know what think and how we can improve the website's usefulness to you and others. We have a ton of learning to do. You can send me an email at

Here's to a great new tool for Missoula Democrats! -Dave Kendall, Chairperson

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