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Congratulations to the following City Council Candidates who were endorsed by the Missoula County Democrats in the recent City Council Candidate Forum July 12th meeting:
Ward 1 Jason Wiener, Ward 2 Pam Walzer & Cynthia Wolken, Ward 3 Alex Taft,
Ward 4 Caitlin Copple, Ward 5 Mike O'Herron, Ward 6 Ed Childers
Missoula City Council Candidate Forum  Tuesday, July 12th at 7:00 pm. City Council Chambers, 141 West Pine, (next to Sean Kelly's).

NOTICE: All candidates can participate in the forum and ALL CANDIDATES were offered the opportunity to attend and to complete and turn in a Candidate Questionnaire. The candidates that stated they wern't available were also offered an opportunity to speak at our September Central Committee Meeting, only Caitlin Copple and Alex Taft have accepted that offer at this time.


Endorsement Process: Only those candidates who complete the questionnaires will be considered for endorsement. The Voting Members of the Missoula County Democrats (endorsers) will choose who to endorse. Voting Members of the Missoula Democrats are all Precinct Committee People (PCP), and Executive Board members. One vote per PCP who are also EBoard Members.

Ward   First Name   Last Name   Attending?   Questionnaire Link Attached   Address                     City   Zip   phone #                email 
1   Jason   Wiener   Yes   Yes   1238 Jackson   Missoula   59802   542-3232   jason@jasonwienerforcouncil.org
1   Mary   Seibert   No   No   1130 Monroe   Missoula   59802   531-7606   maerandpaul@earthlink.net
2   Adam   Hertz   No   No   6513 E Kiki Ct   Missoula   59808   239-1865   aghertz@hotmail.com
2   Pam   Walzer   Yes   Yes   1329 Sherwood   Missoula   59802   327-8660   pamwalzer@gmail.com
2   Cynthia   Wolken   Yes   Yes   1316B Cooper St   Missoula   59802   465-3376   cynthia.wolken@gmail.com
3   Alex   Taft   No * will be represented   Yes   332 S 1st St W #A   Missoula   59801   218-8438   alex@alextaftforcouncil.org
3   Sean D.   Ives   No   No   1115 Rollins    Missoula   59801   499-0193   sdives@hotmail.com
3   Paul   Bohan   Unsure   Yes   501 Ford   Missoula   59801   543-2502   pdbohan@aol.com
4   Lyn    Hellegaard   No   No   3828 Bellecrest Dr   Missoula   59801   549-0290   lhellegaard@msn.com
4   Caitlin    Copple   No *will be represented    Yes   621 Fairview Ave   Missoula   59801   493-4281   caitlin.j.copple@gmail.com
5   Mike   O'Herron   Yes   Yes    4117 S Reserve St   Missoula   59803   721-8389   mikeforward5@gmail.com
5   Renee   Mitchell   No   No   4208 Larkspur Dr   Missoula   59803   251-7054   reach.reneemitchell@hotmail.com
6   Ed   Childers   Yes   Yes   1755 W Central   Missoula   59801   728-3751   childers@montana.com
6   Shane   Stack   No   No   2331 S 7th St W   Missoula   59801   239-8024   f_2_f6@yahoo.com
6   Peggy   Miller   Yes   Yes   1520 S 7th St W   Missoula   59801   541-7577   highlandwinds@gmail.com